Member Benefits

World-Class Local Boating

As a SailTime Member you can enjoy a day, weekend or weeklong trip on the water. Your boat will be docked at our regional base conveniently located in the WaterGate Marina Pier 2, In Kemah, Texas. 

To ensure you have ample time on the water, we provide the flexibility of our 'real-time' online scheduler, SailTime makes boating both convenient and cost-effective. 

There are none of the responsibilities of owning your own boat. No slip fees, insurance, or maintenance costs. No extensive time or labor commitments for your vessel. Everything is handled and managed for you by SailTime. All YOU need to do is make a reservation, and climb aboard your maintained, fueled, and ready-to-sail boat. Simply leave your boat as you found it. We offer several membership levels that provide you with the perfect amount of time for your sailing lifestyle. 

Q. How does a SailTime Membership work?

A. SailTime provides its members flexible, ample time on a boat that is shared with a limited number of other members. 

Q. How do you schedule the 'sailtimes'? 

A. Our online scheduler allows you to reserve and swap schedules in real-time. You will be allocated a certain number of 'sailtimes' each month depending on your level of membership; Classic = 7 and LIte = 3. You man make reservations up to a year in advance or make an immediate reservation is the boat is available. 

Q. Can I stay overnight on the yacht?

A. Yes! Every day is broken into 2 possible reservations:

10:30 am to 6:00 pm, and 6:00 pm to 10:30 am the next morning. You're welcome to spend the night aboard!

Q. What stops one member from reserving every weekend?

A. Our online scheduling system keeps track of a member's usage and allows all members an equal opportunity for booking their preferred sailing times. 

Q. Can I make additional reservations to use the boat if no other member is using the time?

A. Classic members can schedule an unlimited number of open slots as a bonus if they are available within 36 hours of the start time. 

Imagine the thrill of riding a brisk 15-knot breeze as your boat cuts through the waves heading for a secluded bay at sunset to enjoy a quiet dinner under a pink-streaked sky. SailTime offers exclusive boat memberships with ample time on the water, so you can enjoy all the luxuries of sailing, without the added costs or hassle of boat ownership. 

We offer memberships on high-quality sailboats, powerboats and catamarans. You pay an annual membership fee, which allows you to reserve your time online, and head to the boat to set sail with your friends and family! 

  • Members design their sailing calendar using an exclusive online scheduling system
  • Guaranteed 24/7 access that's affordable, hassle-free and easy to schedule
  • Make instant sailing reservations or plan up to a year in advance.
  • Top quality boats that are professionally managed.
  • Worldwide access of over 35 locations through the SailTime Plus program.
  • Low commitment of 12 months
  • North American's largest network of ASA training schools.  

Membership Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. How much will I have to pay when I join sailtime?

A. A joining fee is required when someone first becomes a member. This fee minimally covers the initial "checkout" process that everyone is required to perform before they can operate any vessel on their own. After that there is only the membership fee which covers the renewable one-year commitment. 

Membership Program:

SailTime is an exclusive club membership that gives you the freedom of regular, flexible time on the water. 

SailTime Houston is a part of the world's largest boating membership company!

With over 35 global bases located in the United States, Canada, and Australia, members can use SailTime Plus to take out a boat in new exotic locations.

A standardized pricing plan makes global sailing adventures convenient and affordable, which is not typically available through a traditional charter company. 

Global Access