Thank you for your interest in becoming a SailTime Owner-Member.  We hope to help you discover the many advantages of becoming one of the growing number of boaters who have chosen SailTime as the conduit for worry-free and affordable boat ownership.  You'll discover why SailTime is the global leader in Fractional Sailing. We will show you how we give more useable time on your boat than any other company; how we give you more time-flexibility in the use of your boat; how to use our sophisticated software to manage your boat's usage and maintenance; and how we have the power and leverage with the manufacturers to give you unparalleled service when you partner with SailTime on your sailing venture. 

Welcome On board.


Evan Macaluso

Becoming a SailTime


Advantages of Being a SailTime Owner-Member.

  • Lowest cost sailing "The only thing less expensive is to not sail."
  • Revenue sharing that helps to reduce the cost of boat ownership. 
  • Potential additional shared income opportunities with SailTime Corporate Events. 
  • All expenses paid by SailTime: slip fees, insurance, maintenance, detailing, winterization, fuel, pump-outs, bottom painting, etc... No monthly out of pocket expenses.
  • Possible tax benefits that recoup your down payment.
  • Possible state tax or GST elimination.
  • Free Year-round membership
  • Pride in ownership.
  • Use the boat in your home town.
  • Access to your boat 365 days per year or all season in seasonal locations
  • Design your schedule on-line in real-time the way you want it. Complete flexibility is offered. Take your boat for a few hours, a full day, overnight, a few days, up to a full week, or just slip down to the boat after work for an easy evening dockside with your favorite friends and wine. You decide! 
  • Reserve, cancel, swap, make changes, and send sailing invites to friends/family in real-time, 24/7. 
  • Unlimited usage rights with twenty-four hour notice. "On demand, as available."
  • Only SailTime staff and SailTime trained and ASA certified Members, who are fully accountable, use your boat. 
  • Professional Monthly detailing. Varies according to location/weather/availability.
  • Maintenance reports
  • Your boat will be professionally maintained according to the manufacturer's guidelines at no cost to you. 
  • Additional regularly scheduled preventative maintenance if performed so that your boat is kept in its best possible condition.
  • Community of like-minded people.

Of course to be fair, we will list the disadvantage here as well. 

  • You may want to take the boat out a specific time or date this is already reserved. 

In addressing this disadvantage, we'd like to point out that statistically, since inception of SailTime in 2001, we've found that members use the boat on average two to three times per month. With sixty sail times available each month, that's only twenty times the boat us actually used, leaving forty sail times still available. With seven guaranteed sail times allocated just to you, and using the thirty six hour unlimited access rule, you will be able to sail your boat more often than you had anticipated. 

Many of our Owner Members come from within our membership. This is another great testament to our customer satisfaction. The reason they do this is because they realize that access to their boat is not an issue, and it's a financially smart decision for the committed sailor. 

Contact us for more detailed information to see how becoming a member/owner is right for you!